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Reviewer: Town Drunk

Category: Location

Subject: Hull - part 1

After spending a weekend in Hull I decided to share my experience.

I doubt 4 hours in a car is anyone's favourite past time (unless you drive them on tracks in fancy places in France) and this is what I had to endure from London to Hull last weekend.

Arriving around 10 on Friday night there was enough time to drop my bag and head to the pub, a trendy place with some random music pumping out from the DJ area and beer flowing from the pumps. Luckily this place is open until 1ish so there was time to imbibe enough alcohol to make the walk back to the house in the cold bearable.

I hadn't eaten a kebab after the pub in years and what possessed me to do so on Friday I will never know but it was an experience. I ordered from the Turkish man with the Northern accent the fine dish of kebab meat and chips (stuffed in a burger box to the point of exploding) and this further kept the cold out by raising my temp as I panicked about immediate heart failure from insta-arterial clogging.

After a brief gamet of Violent Gobbing - where the idea is to spit in the most violent manner you can (spit is actually optional its the actions that count) we got back to the house and the sleeping arrangements were sorted. I being too drunk to fully consider the implications of my actions, opted for the lounge/sofa as I was least tired and wanted to continue drinking. And thus passed Friday night - painwracked and cold - on the half-sofa of hell.

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