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Author: Dange

Category: Short Story Competition

Title: In Amongst The Socks

It was a bright sunny morning in make-believe forest in the heart of Yorkshire. The sun came up and reflected off the dew glistening and dripping from the leaves all around.

In the forest the animals of this magical land were stirring for another fine day of running around and prancing through the glades. For one of these animals, Terence the squirrel, this would be day slightly like no other he ever remembered.

The day started well for Terence as he awoke and settled down to his breakfast of acorn soup and nut cordial. However something dark and menacing was lurking and watching his every move.

As he gulped back the last of the delicious nut cordial he overheard a rustling in the bushes behind him. As he turned the bushes parted and a large white wolf leapt from the undergrowth, teeth sparkling in the sunlight, and with a flash Terence turned and ran.

He ran as fast as he could but the wolf was still on his trail. He ran so hard he thought his little squirrel lungs were about to burst. Thoughts of how he could survive this ordeal entered his head as his cheeks puffed and he started to lose energy.

Then as if by magic a clearing appeared in the forest that he’d never seen before and there in the middle was a tramp who was fast asleep. He had with him his swag bag with all his belongings and so Terence climbed inside IN AMONGST THE SOCKS. He was just in the nick of time as the wolf ripped the poor unfortunate tramp to bits right before his eyes as he peered out from the bundle of smelly socks.

Terence thought how lucky he was that he had stumbled on this piece of luck there in amongst the socks he drifted off into a deep sleep, safe in the knowledge no-one could harm him now..


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