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Author: Andy

Category: Short Story Competition

Title: In Amongst The Socks

“Run Bernard!” shouted Henry. “I am running as fast as I can!” wheezed the now panicking Bernard. Bernard was running towards the green coated soldier at the back of the bedroom. “Run he is catching up to you!” screamed Henry. Bernard chose to ignore the inevitable shout from Henry and continued concentrating on his breathing. He dodged another solider before being faced with a dilemma.

Bernard stood by the chest of drawers looking worried at the prospect of failing the task ahead. “I don’t want to die” he whimpered to himself. “Drop it and get in!” scream Harry. I can’t afford to drop it Bernard told himself, I must take it with me. With one quick swift movement he flung the piece of cheese into the bottom drawer where Harry was sitting and grabbed onto a dangling sock and attempted to climb up.

Maurice the mouse was perusing Bernard ever since he stole a piece of cheese from his massive stock. Maurice was an aging mouse with a severed tail from many a close calls in mouse traps. “How dare they steal my cheese” he scowled. His fat legs couldn’t take him much more. And he slumped out on the floor below the bottom drawer where Henry was sitting. How can I get up there he thought? Just then he had an idea.

Bernard and Henry are Pixie people. They are invisible to humans but can be seen by animals. They have lived in the Rogers house for many years. “Like taking candy from a mouse” Henry chuckled. “It’s not funny!” Bernard fumed “I could have been killed!”. “Ohh come on Bernard in all the years here when have you ever got caught!” Henry shouted humorously. Bernard was in no mood to argue, he wanted a piece of the cheese he had just carried from Mouse village all the way across the bedroom floor. “This looks so good” Bernard said to himself. “Not so fast!” A voice said from inside a sock. Who could it be?

A voice was shouting at Bernard from a sock. “Put the cheese down and step away!” they heard. “Or what?” Henry sniggered. Henry was the cockier of the two. A slender frame with a mop of bright red hair and an ugly face. “Come on! Lets see you?” he laughed. Then from the shadows, a towering figure stood before them. Henry’s smile soon changed to a frown when he saw the person standing before them.

The great pixie person himself ‘Mitch the great’ stood before them with his bumbling sidekick Benbow. “Place the Cheese down and no-one will get hurt” Mitch said softly. Benbow looked in awe of the great man himself. Mitch was Benbow’s hero, after all, no other pixie person had done what Mitch had done. “The great man wishes you to place the dairy product down!” Benbow said proudly. Mitch rolled his eyes. Henry and Bernard where shaken. They had to give the cheese to him, he did save their race after all.

“I have you now!” shouted the mouse. “You will never get out of here alive!” he proclaimed. Mitch was down on the floor with his leg snapped in two from the mouse trap. “Please I only came to save her” Mitch said. “Have Mercy” he pleaded. The Mouse laughed and proceeded to taunt Mitch. “She was….how can I put it….A bit tasty?”. The laughter erupted from the slightly overweight Mouse. Mitch was livid. “And now for dessert” the Mouse said proudly. This was it Mitch thought. Now or never. He griped the clasp from his leg and held it tightly. As the mouse came forward he thrust his right leg into the snout of the rodent forcing it to spin around. He then proceeded to lift the clasp off his leg and drop it smack down on the tail of the Mouse. The Mouse let out a shriek. Mitch was safe for now but was dreading the crawl back to the sock drawer that lay ahead of him. He had failed his task. To bring the princess pixie person home.

“Please sir we are so hungry” Bernard pleaded with Mitch as Benbow came forward to grab the cheese. “We can share it?” Henry said hopeful. Not a chance the wiser more experience Bernard thought. As the exchange was about to happen. A rustling sound was coming from the back of the drawer. Benbow went to investigate. “It sounds like biting” Benbow said happily. As soon as he said that two big teeth where coming through the wood. It was Maurice the Mouse.

Maurice stuck his head through and took a bite at Benbow’s arm. Benbow was in shock as he witnessed half his arm disappear into the mouth of the rodent. He was now running around aimlessly like something out of a Norman Wisdom film. Mitch looking menacingly at Maurice and said “We meet again old foe”. Don’t patronise me Maurice thought. “Shut up!” he shouted back and then proceeded to crawl through the hole he had just made. “Give me my Cheese and I will let you live!” Maurice said. Henry and Bernard had already hidden in the football sock right beside the now dead Benbow. Mitch negotiated. “How about I keep the Cheese, and let you go?” What a hero Mitch was Bernard thought, a great ambassador for the pixie people. Henry was picking his nose at the same time.

Maurice was infuriated at the new offer proposed by Mitch to release the Cheese. “Then you will die” Maurice scowled. “Not if I can help it!” shouted a voice from above. It was Molly, the pixie princess. She jumped from the Knickers drawer and with all her weight lodged a safety pin in the skull of Maurice. He was dead. It was true Bernard thought, the legend of the pixie princess. She was alive. Mitch looked down at the now radiant Molly. “Thank you” he said to her. They looked in each others eyes and knew together that the sock drawer was safe for the time being.

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