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Author: Greenie

Category: Short Story Competition

Title: In Amongst The Socks

In a single day the other day I saw or heard from 4 different people who
were in the hospital having body parts amputated, mostly toes. They had
acquired frostbite and gangrene. They all drink. They all live outside.
They all “know better”, but all had let their feet get wet. Dry socks might
have saved their feet.

Mountain people and wilderness enthusiasts say, “cotton kills”. Meaning,
if you are outside and cotton gets wet it doesn’t dry out fast. The socks
most people have are those inexpensive white cotton tube socks. They’re
fine if they stay dry, but not for cold and wet situations.

A person might say we, as adults, are responsible for our own feet. That
is true. But in the end someone pays for that amputation, and it’s not the
person who lost the toes. Cut the middle man.

Save some toes today.

Give a drunk a pair of good wool socks.

Are you 'in amongst the socks'?

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