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Reviewer: Helmut Von Vartcrap

Category: Art

Subject: Pink Post-It Competition

5 participants were each given a pink post-it note and 5 minutes. Art connoisseur and close friend of rusta.co.uk, Helmut Von Vartcrap, was on hand to review the submissions.

5th place: Paul

Far too contrived for my liking. I can't even be bothered to look at it!

4th place: Thespina

I see the reference to Marcel Duchamp and the 'ready-made' artistic movement, however this modern art movement was now almost one hundred years ago, and this artist as missed the very concept of modern art, that it must be new and progressive. However I like the anarchistic attitude behind this piece, it says to me 'Fuck off Rusta, I can't be arsed with your wanky art competition.' This aspect is very interesting.

3rd place: Andy

This composition is only weakened by the artists explanation. The interpretation of the piece by the viewer is far more important than the intention of the artist. You have potential artist 2, have confidence in you're ability to communicate through your art without feeling it necessary to explain your actions to a third party. To deepen the relationship between yourself and your art, you must become more intimate with it. I suggest dipping your penis in emulsion and using this as your medium, if you can't find emulsion around the office I'm sure you can improvise. Go on - try it!!

2nd place: Rusta

I'm immediately reminded of George Groz by this satirical masterpiece, that is made more potent by the reference to war and its political comment. The alluring shape of the cats tail and its cheeky smile suggest an overwhelming desire for anal penetrative sex. This successfully communicates the base nature of man.

1st place: Jenny

This communicates energy and motion with the purple lines breaking up the space into well judged portions. The contrasting textures and shapes suggest those found in nature or a landscape composition with a degree of abstraction comparable to Franz Marc the German Expressionist movement. The use of purple creates syntax and rhythm. Oh my god - I'm going to cream my pants! Overall an excellent composition. This artist has potential.

Congratulations Jenny. Well done indeed.

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