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Reviewer: Big Jay

Category: Movie

Subject: Ocean's 12 (includes intentional spoiler)

Saw it on Saturday night although I wasn't in a big rush to... it was only my lack of anything to do and my UGC cinema pass that swung it (in hindsight seeing one of the prettiest girls ever in the queue made it all worth while)...

The plot... The casino owner wants his money back, plus interest, the 11 (or 12) get together to work out how to get $97.5m. They have to go to Europe to do it, and get embroiled in a thieving competition...

It's quite playful as you'd expect, more of a vehicle for Brad Pitt than before, and Catherine Zeta Jones, who I haven't fancied since she left darling buds of may, looked absolutely gorgeous.


You have to be aware that at some point in the film Julia Roberts, playing Tess Ocean, has to pretend to be... You've guessed it... Julia Roberts, there's a really good cameo at that bit too.

Overall I enjoyed it, possibly because I was expecting it to be rubbish. I came out of the film feeling very Kung Fu.

Mark Out of Seven: 6

SEE IT AT CINEMA? Yes for the sideways plane landing alone
GET IT ON DVD? No, please don’t, unless you’re a gay who loves Brad Pitt

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