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Reviewer: Xu

Category: Life

Subject: Unplanned Break

Life gives you not only misery, but happiness also. It all depends on the angle, which you are looking at. We have to plan ourselves before we are going to do something. That is not a theory invented by one prophet. It is a golden rule summed up through practicing. But, even we are following the rules, things happened always out of our mind. That is why life is colorful and unpredictable, though sometimes it causes misery rather than happiness. And mostly it causes misery for a foreigner who has not got family in there and no friends to rely on, even worse when he/she has not got enough money, who can he/she turn to? How can he/she survival? Anyway, write too many things that people do not worry it about and need not to worry. Here I just want write a story happened couple days before.

Friday, I finished my last exam in semester one at my uni. What should I do? Two weeks break before semester two. Am I going to take the break? No, I have to work, earn bits money, so, next semester I am not going to feel money-tightened and work more hours in order to maintain the living. Hi, student’ s life is that way.

Oh, I forgot mention my job. As a foreign student here in London, what kinds of job can I get? I am a pizza man. Every time I have to ride the blue-old-small moped to deliver the hot pizza to customers’ front door. Tell you one thing, when I came here I can not listening and speaking, even though I had been studying English for almost all my student life in my hometown. Luckily, I can read and write, but it does not help for living in London. That was realized when I touched down the ground and got out of the Heathrow airport terminal 4. Even today I still remembered the first conversation happened between a UK custom officer and me. We both were trying to use all kind of skills we had (include body-language) to help to understand each other. But, it seemed did not work and we both felt embarrassed. Anyway, I got out there about 2 hours and found my luggage running on the belt with no other there. I always think if it is possible, could UK custom officer deal with first coming foreigners by using pen based writing conversation in case of that embarrass happening. Sorry got away for telling other story. Let us get back. I am still feeling luck for finding this pizza man job because the reason I write above. Although, the job has non-connection with the job I had when I was in my hometown. Anyway, we have to work to get money in order to maintain the living. For that sake, every job is the same unless you have no worry about the living. One thing I have to say is that the job really helps me not only with my conversation skills for using English, but money I earned for doing this job also.

All right, time to get in to the topic. Why I call it unplanned break? What happened?

After the exam, like normal I went to work, everything is ok. I sent pizza to customer and got tips. The work finished at 10 o’clock. Time to go home, sweat home. A friend called me and asked can I go to his home to play card with them? I was thinking, why not, no exam, no class, it time to have a fun. So, I said yes and went to his home playing card. Oh, that day I got lucky and won. Then it was time to go back my home. I went out and tried to start the moped. It could not start whatever I tried. I had no choice and pushed the bike from friend home to my home at 3 o’clock in the morning. About half hour I got home and went to bed directly. It was really tired. One day I did exam, work, playing card, and eventually pushing back home. Lots of things. Fortunately, the home between friend and my is quite nearby, otherwise how can I push the bike home in a winter early morning. All my happy mood was disappeared and I was swearing till I went to bed. All the dramatic happened when I was sleeping, the mobile phone woke me up. I picked up the phone in half sleeping and half awaking. I could feel my mind is not running. My work mate told me I did not need to come to work. I asked him what happened. He side the shop was burned down by a big fire started from the moped in front of the shop door. No one knew how long is it going to take to reopen the shop. Oh, my god. I could not believe it. I said thanks for telling me and switch the mobile. I was trying to go back sleeping again. But, I could not. One month maybe the shop can reopen. What am I going to do? Where can I earn money? Take a break. I did not plan it. My plan was earn bits money. I was laying on the bed and thinking and planning where my mind just was half running.

What can I do? No choice. Take a break even I did not plan it. The god knew I was tired and needed a break.

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