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Reviewer: Town Drunk

Category: Movie

Subject: House of Flying Daggers

House of Flying Daggers (or HoFD from now on) is a cinematographically beautiful trawl of a love story set in a random onomatopoeic Chinese dynasty some time around the demise of the Samurai. Our hero(s) are members of the local police who are trying to track down, and eliminate, the infamous anti-government dissidents “House of Flying Daggers”.

Their search takes them and us into a story that involves many ludicrous events, with dialogue as bad as an early episode Albion Market (even if it is in Chinese it has no excuse) and more action shots than an Eastern European porno. From overly gaudy whore houses to the brilliantly coloured fields and forests the camera slowly drinks it all in… and I mean slowly, the films pace is laborious and combined with the lazy string and pipe score, you could almost be lulled to sleep. Almost that is except for the fighting which is the fast, hard, excessively over-exaggerated fare that you would expect from a film of this genre, with spinning bird kicks and dragon punches galore.


The questions that should be asked by people reading this review are;

Is it worth sitting through the long silences and crappy dialogue for the action? Yes – the action is great.

Is HoFD as good as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? No.

Is it as good as Hero? Dunno I don’t like Jet Lee so never saw it.

Is it worth spending money to see at the cinema? Yes, I couldn’t imagine how awful the silences would be if you didn’t even have the wonderful scenery to look at.. and the dialogue is funnier than you are probably thinking by now so it is worth sharing it with a friend.

Can you give me an example of this so called funny dialogue? Yes. “I like fighting blind girls”.

Mark Out of Seven: 5

SEE IT AT CINEMA? better that than at home alone, you need someone to fight on the way out
GET IT ON DVD? if you have a 50” wide screen tv? Yes. If not? maybe
WATCH IT ON TV? See above

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