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Reviewer: Danger Kid

Category: Music

Subject: If There's Any Justice By Lemar

Apparently this song was rejected as the follow up to Charles and Eddie's lovely "Would I Lie to You?" but they decided to go with "24/7" instead and were never seen again afterwards. Would things have been different if they had released "Is there Any Justice" instead? No one will ever know the answer to that question, but it is a fair bet that Charles would have sung some really high bits at the end, unlike Lemar who can only do one voice, which is quite low and which he likes to think is "soulful". I say to Lemar, go and ask Charles and Eddie what the definition of "soul" is.

I think it is a weak song that is good for 6 seconds and then has nothing else in it to keep it interesting. also apparently it is ripped off from "Walk on By" and a Stevie Wonder song.

Reviewer: Rusta

Category: Music

Subject: If There's Any Justice By Lemar

"If there's any justice in the world, I would be your man, you would be my girl" - well put Lemar. Bravo. As un-comprehensive and self-centred a view on "world justice" as this lyric is, the way Lemar delivers it really does tickle one's fancy. Build an entire song around one little tuneful ditty, splice it with a generic lyric, and make this the title of the song and you are on to a winner. Admittedly you spend the rest of the song waiting for the chorus to come round again, but when it does you feel great (almost justified).

Buy it: NO

Download it: YES (for those occassional moments of desperation, and when only you know what you are listening to)

Football Equivalent: Championship League Two Side, with a wealthy Chairman, puts on a decent cup run.


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