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There is no real purpose to this site, which is in effect it's purpose...

If you find no trace of entertainment upon these pages, then please feel free to use the site purely for this handy Online Dictionary:

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Superman Returns

Danger Kid reviews a flim called 'Superman Returns'

  Into The Blue

Danger Kid reviews a flim called 'Into The Blue'

  Andy Skills 2

Freestyle King Andy Francos is back in style...

  Thesp's Party

Photos from the thunderdome

  Hull - part 1

Town Drunk explores the delights of HULL...?

  Two Little Birds

ILikeRice opens her Rusta account with this touching story

  Short Story Competition

In Amongst The Socks the long awaited results are here


TomathyJones takes on a political hot potato

  The Underground Scene

A short story by Dangerkid

  Surf Cornwall

Be cool on the waves: top tips from Surfette

  Muay Thai

More lifestyle tips from Armadillo

  Birmingham Away

Rusta spots a celebrity of the highest order


Dangerkid reviews this movie (amongst other things)

  Pink Post-It Competition

Art Competition Feb 2005 - a classic collection.


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